About this album

I've created some music and would like to share.

About the album:

A wonderful little company called MOTU offered interactive teaching webinars over the lock-down period of the pandemic (and beyond) and I attempted to take full advantage of the opportunity to relearn some tools I hadn't touched in more than 20 years.  Thanks to some positive feedback from family, friends and members of these webinars—(aka MOTUnity™. Pay Darrell!)—I was encouraged to expand some musical ideas.  I slapped unusual names on some sample tracks and the unintentional "planetary suite" emerged (I blame Mr. Workman).  I cannot thank the members of this group enough for providing the necessary respite in 2020, especially Matt LaPoint for the crazy amount of hours and helpful information and insight he provided on behalf of MOTU.

None of this is perfect and I still have a lot to learn.  I'm a music transcriptionist and typesetter by trade, a composer by training and a wanna-be drummer by passion. That's it.  Not an engineer nor a performer.  If you listen carefully enough you'll hear the mistakes and slop—I left much of it in wanting to maintain some sort of human touch to avoid a "perfect/mechanical" feel.  More realistically, I'm not a pro: if it ain't close enough by take #32, it ain't gonna improve by #33.   If some gear-heads are interested in the tech specs, they are here.  (For those visiting from MOTUnity™ the whole project was done with DP8 and DP10.13).

The track order flows nicely in solar order, but these were originally conceived in the following order: Jovian; Mercurian; Plutonian; Neptunian; Martian; Saturnian; Venerean; Uranian; Earthling—so there's an evident organic progression of more complex textures being added when listened to chronologically.  I did this simply for fun and to remain creative.  Thanks for listening.

Enjoy—or not.  It's all subjective.

—m (tlcf)(mm)(ascap)(asap)(omg)(lol)