And Now For Something Completely Different:

"...drummer Michael Sinshack cycles through an arsenal of percussive doodads."
—Mike Holloway, Shepherd Express

[👆  The entirety of my curricula vitae 😂]

If you like industrial-ambient-prog-metal, I've played drums with these guys since 2019.  Although 2020 was a wash, we still managed to remain productive.


Kent Heberling – guitar, FX, vocals
• Nathan Paul – guitar
• Jon Backus – bass, vocals
• Shane Mattox – vocals, FX
• Michael Sinshack – drums

December 2023:

Here is the latest album Seven So Few.  Amazing guitar work in these!

Seven So Few


Available on Spotify (and elsewhere)

December 2021:

This release is much more ambient than metal with some really nice results.

Here's a 3/1/2022 review from Milwaukee's Alternative News Source the Shepherd Express


Here Waiting


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