Title Moods/Styles

Mercurian Loony Hammer

    High energy retro swing? ...That poor bass player.

    (First motive written [seed]: Bass.  Everything else followed)

Venerean Crêpe Spatula

    Serene and schmaltzy.  Know any schmaltzy crooners? It needs a lounge-lizard-person

    (Seed: Piano)

Earthling Bafflegab Blade

    Chaotic disco funk—is that a thing?

    (Seed: Drums)

Martian Beeblesnort Scooper

    A Chuck Jones' cat-n-mouse space cartoon, but not as interesting as Dean Elliot's score (Mechanical Gospel-Funk?)

    (Seed: Piano)

Jovian Gigglemug

    Lighthearted super-sixties-secret-super-spy-groove; unfortunately redundant, not cosmic.

    (Seed: Bass)

Saturnian Waffle Snorkel

    Twirling. Always twirling. ...TWIRLING!

    (Seed: 5/4 theme)

Uranian Noodle Tongs

    Power for that tower.

    (Seed: Rhythmic figure)

Neptunian Gibberish Ladle

    Sit back and cosmically float along. Very cosmic.

    (Seed: Bass)

Plutonian Vapor Dongle

    Tiny sort-a-planet got tiny sort-a attention. Please disperse peacefully.

    (Seed: Simple harmonic progression)

(Apologies to the other tiny sort-a-planets not represented: Ceres; Haumea; Makemake; Eris).

Next up: The 4,521 confirmed exoplanets. At one-per-day, I'll be done in just over 12 years.

One more thing: this interactive dynamic display provided by NASA Science is really amazing.